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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if I do not want to continue after agreement expires?
  • Ans: Member is free to choose between Re-agreement or Leaving the Unit after initial agreement expires.

  • What if there is a loss due to Natural calamity during lease period?
  • Ans: After 12yrs of cultivation, the Sandalwood, Malabar Neem& Mahogany from entire unit is sold at once. The amount generated will be divided by the number of trees in the unit and shared among all the members.

  • What If I do not want to continue during the contract period?
  • Ans: The Member can sell his land, but the lease will be forced with new Owner.

  • Is there any locking period in this Investment?
  • Ans: Crop Sharing agreement of 12 years is done between the Member and Company.

  • Is our money safe with Neemsboro?
  • Ans: Once the land gets registered immediately, your investment is safe. You are a Land owner