Hyderabad, Telangana
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About us

About our History

At Neemsboro, we envision the creation of a sustainable and Profitable business model which can create value and support Economic and Environmental initiatives for all Stake holders, Individual Investors and Future generations. By taking up cultivation of Malabar Neem, Sandalwood and Mahogany we wish to Contribute to attractive and sustainable communities and add value to the lives of those who invest. Neemsboro works with progressive people in building a profitable and sustainable business. We are a team of strategists and thought leaders, innovating approaches to promote farming culture and derive profitable, multiple avenues from a single source of investment. Neemsboro owns 1000 acres of fertile land in the growth corridor Telangana region and believes everyone could own a piece of land and sustainable future with complete legal recognition.

Neemsboro Farms Private Limited is interested in protecting nature, and then earning Profit. We sell the land to the customers. After completion of land registration in customer’s name, we take the same registered land for 12 years of lease, meanwhile company will do farming of Sandalwood, Malabar Neem and Mahogany. After completion of yielding, company will share 50% Profit to the Customer.

Our Mission

By the way of Planting Sandalwood, Malabar Neem, Mahogany and inter crops we are developing Large scale of Argo Forestry which helps our Environment and Nature. It helps balancing our Natural seasons.

Around 50 Qualified Agriculture and Engineering Graduates are working at our various Projects to monitor Plantation and Infrastructure. We are providing employment to local people (nearly 200 per day) on daily basis for Plantation and Land Development. Around 50 qualified Graduates are working at our offices directly. We are providing income for nearly thousand unemployed People to promote our Project.