What is Malabar Neem

Malabar Neem (Melia dubia) is a very fast growing tree. Melia dubia is also known as Melia composita. The wood of Melia dubia is in high demand in Veneer, Plywood, Pulp, Match stick and Packing case industry. There is a high demand-supply gap in these industries. Each tree of appropriate girth can fetch up to Rs 20,000 – 22000 per tree over a 6-7 year period if sold as veneer. During 12 years lease period provide two yieldings

Malabar neem is a specie belonging to the neem family. This tree is known for its fast growth. The tree can be cultivated in all types of soil and requiring a low supply of water. Malabar neem has the unique feature of growth to 40 feet within two years from planting and can be mechanically pruned and harvested.

Malabar Neem Farming is picking up very rapidly due to it’s fast growth and huge demand for this wood. Huge profits are achievable in shorter periods. This farming has been a great hit across the world and people are gaining profits trough this cultivation.

Farmers who have been into social forestry plantations in a big way as an alternative to tobacco cultivation in drought-prone districts have found a better alternative in Malabar neem. Under rain-fed condition, Malabar neem cultivation is a safe bet for farmers as it gains a height of 40 ft. in just 2 years and start giving returns from the fifth year itself.

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