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Why to Invest in Neemsboro?

Proud land owner

Become a proud landowner today with a small amount which will yield exponential returns in no time. Take advantage of Low investment schemes today.

Appreciation on land

With the exapansion of city boundaries, the land apprecaition value increasing drastically. Grab the opportunity today and multiply your Wealth.

Safety Investment

Reliable and Trustworthy Corporate Farming Company for safe investments. NeemsBoro - A high-value plantation which returns dividends to your money.

High Returns

Reap your investments with profits with 7 years of plant management and maintenance. Be a landlord with consistent improvement in land value. Assured High Returns with Appreciation on land value.

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What is Malabar Neem

Malabar Neem (Melia dubia) is a very fast growing tree. Melia dubia is also known as Melia composita. The wood of Melia dubia is in high demand in Veneer, Plywood, Pulp, Match stick and Packing case industry. There is a high demand-supply gap in these industries. Each tree of appropriate girth can fetch up to Rs 20,000 - 22000 per tree over a 6-7 year period if sold as veneer. During 12 years lease period provide two yieldings


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What is Sandalwood

Sandalwood is the fragrant heartwood of species of genus Santalum (family –Santalaceae). In India, the genus is represented by Santalum album. Its wood, known commercially as “East Indian Sandalwood” and essential oil from it as “East Indian Sandalwood Oil” are among the oldest known perfumery materials.

The word sandal has been derived from Chandana (Sanskrit) and Chandan (Persian). It is called Safed Chandan in Hindi, Sr

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Neemsboro Resorts

Neemsboro resorts is aunique destination spread in sprawling greenery and natural foundations that portray a warm invitation to our members and land owners across the world to do well in the ambiance of luxury, warm hospitality and richness of integrated services offered.

About Neemsboro

At Neemsboro, we envision the creation of a sustainable and Profitable business model which can create value and support Economic and Environmental initiatives for all Stake holders, Individual Investors and Future generations. By taking up cultivation of Malabar Neem, we wish to Contribute to attractive and sustainable communities and add value to the lives of those who invest..

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